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Partner and Managing Attorney

Kristi J. Robles, Esq.

Partner and Managing Attorney

SAC Team

Law School: Arizona State University
California Bar: 2008

For almost a decade, Kristi Robles has strived to exceed her client’s expectations in all areas of workers’ compensation litigation. Ms. Robles is a Certified Legal Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. While many define greatness in terms of power, possessions, or prestige, Ms. Robles believes that her personal success is best defined by how well her client’s interests are served. When she’s not settling cases, Ms. Robles enjoys spending time with her husband and delighting in the sweet smiles and giggles of their little girl.

Rory Hodgson, Esq.

Trial Attorney

SAC Team

Law School: Golden Gate University School of Law
California Bar: 2011

Mr. Hodgson joined Gilson Daub at their Sacramento office in December 2019.

His work focuses on defending insurance carriers and third party administrators in their workers’ compensation claims. As a medical-billing and lien specialist, Mr. Hodgson also focuses his practice on educating carriers through CEUs on lien claims, and closing strategies for claims professionals. As a consequence of his practice, Mr. Hodgson has closed cases in all northern California venues—from Redding to Fresno. After admission to the California Bar, Mr. Hodgson was schooled at the law office of Jerry Sterns—one of the premiere aviation civil litigators in the country. Mr. Hodgson was awarded great latitude to participate in complex litigation matters, extensive pre-trial discovery, mediations, depositions, and negotiation of settlements because of his aptitude for investigation and negotiation.

Ashley Romeo-Boles, Esq.

Trial Attorney

SAC Team

Law School: Vermont Law School
California Bar: 2017

Ashley Romeo-Boles has been practicing Worker’s Compensation defense since 2020. Prior to that, she was on applicant’s side for approximately two years. Ashley has enjoyed the transition to the defense side and takes great pride in providing quality work product to her clients.

Prior to transitioning to Worker’s Compensation law, she gained experience as a general practice attorney in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Ashley enjoys spending her free time with her husband and critters outside - whether working in the garden, hanging out at the river, or hiking.

Craig Morrison, Esq.

Trial Attorney

SAC Team

Law School: Lincoln Law School
California Bar: 2001

Craig Morrison has been practicing Workers’ Compensation law in California for twenty years and is certified as a Worker’s Compensation Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He specializes in tangled and complex litigation and has conducted over a thousand depositions and more than one hundred trials in Northern California.

Mr. Morrison also enjoys skiing and spending time with his wife and children.

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