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Elizabeth Douge

Managing Lien Representative


Elizabeth Douge has extensive hands-on experience in both sides of the Workers’ Compensation industry. She began her career in Workers Compensation initially representing medical providers for the first 3 years, and has spent the last 6 years representing insurance carriers against liens. Her previous experience as a Lien Representative for medical providers, and aggressive defense tactics has shown to produce results pleasing to clients. She is an aggressive negotiator and has spent a significant amount of time dealing with SIU/fraud files. During her time as a Lien Representative she established a positive reputation at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board which laid the ground work for her transition to the Defense side. She has created positive relationships and contacts including Lien Claimant supervisors which are incredibly important when dealing with hard to close files. She is a highly motivated individual in all aspects of life; and extremely passionate about her career. In her spare time Ms. Douge enjoys horseback ridding, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Stephanie Dunn

Lien Attorney


Law School: Pepperdine School of Law
California Bar 2018

Stephanie Dunn is an attorney currently practicing in worker’s compensation defense. During her time in law school, Ms. Dunn served as the Managing Editor for the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary. Ms. Dunn is an aggressive advocate, who works efficiently and thoroughly to resolve cases in a timely manner. In her free time, Ms. Dunn enjoys reading, traveling, and going to museums.

Maria Jara

Lien Representative


Maria Jara has broad experience representing lien claimants and defendants in-house and at the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. Her profound understanding of both sides of the workers' compensation spectrum enables her to create a plan of action to defend her client against lien claimants in the most cost-effective manner. Maria endeavors to defend her clients against frivolous litigation costs and to resolve liens efficiently and with fiscal sensibility. During her leisure time, Maria loves to spend time with family and friends, go for long hikes and take in nature, meditate at the beach, read, and exercise.

Bernardo Rojas

Lien Representative


Bernardo Rojas has extensive years of experience on both sides of the Workers’ Compensation Industry, playing different roles throughout his tenure. He began his career in the Workers” compensation Industry as a lien representative representing medical providers in a variety of medical specialties for approximately 15 years.

He then transitioned into the field of medical reimbursement, and obtained his Certified Professional Coders Certification. He utilized this knowledge defending against various medical specialties with his extensive knowledge of medical reimbursement while closely working alongside defendants SIU departments. He successfully testified in various venues throughout Northern and Southern California on behalf of insurance companies defending against medical providers for approximately 7 years.

He then combined his knowledge and years of experience, and has been a defendant hearing representative for approximately 6 years. Throughout his career, his knowledge and expertise coupled with the development of positive relationships with his adversaries, as well as his clients has assisted him with the ability to deal with the closure of complex litigation issues with ease.

In his spare time, Mr. Rojas enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, and also savoring the dynamic cuisines of the world that California has to offer.

Lea Stigen

Lien Representative


Lea’s career at Gilson Daub began as a Staff Assistant to the Lien Department. Little did she know that her 12 years experience in telephone collections and AR management representing a myriad of medical practices, in conjunction with her experience as a hearing representative before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, would be her training in medical and legal terminology that has proven to be advantageous in her current career. In life, her biggest win is her family. Her two sons are her motivation to strive for excellence in all she does, both professionally and personally.

Morgan Smith

Lien Representative


Though he is the newest member of the lien resolution team, Morgan Smith has been an asset to Gilson Daub for 6 years. Morgan believes in the value of honest hard work. He has a pro-active approach to liens and will aggressively work towards resolution. When not at work, Morgan loves to spend time with his friends and family.

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