Meet Casefriend™

The Tool Behind Gilson Daub Closing Cases Fast

Plan of Action

Because we use Casefriend you as the client will always have access to our plan of action.

Know What’s Been Billed

Knowing exactly what has been billed provides the client with a sense of accountability.


With the ease of Casefriend, Gilson Daub is able to keep a commitment to true transparency.

See What’s Been Filed

Clients have full access to see what has been filed on any given day at any given time.

Gilson Daub uses Casefriend to manage cases because it offers unparalleled efficiency and results in overall reductions in overhead. By automating the manual, repetitive tasks inherent in California Workers’ Compensation practice with Casefriend, Gilson Daub is able to offer the highest quality representation at a competitive price. Learn more about Casefriend here.


Client communication is critical to maintaining the client relationship. By sharing a common experience and interface across cases the Gilson Daub-client relationship is strengthened. This relationship is further enhanced by automating Plan of Action updates and providing clients with real-time case updates and status reports thought the Casefriend Client Portal.

Case Management

Traditionally, it would take a team days or weeks to prepare a new case for attorney review. Because Gilson Daub uses Casefriend, we can deliver new files to attorneys almost immediately, reducing firm overhead and time to result.

Cost Control

Casefriend provides Gilson Daub with the tools it needs to control costs while delivering results. Casefriend’s time entry, billing and Ledes integration result in more time lawyering and less time managing time entries.

Real Testimonials

See What Our Attorneys Think Of Casefriend!

“Clients no longer have to wait for an update or worry about their claims not being properly handled or defended as they can log onto Casefriend for case statuses and see when their attorney’s last touched the file”

Thu DoPartner & Managing Attorney

"With paper files being uploaded, extracted and organized within Casefriend, clients no longer have to worry about being billed for duplicate documents that are served. The case management system also stream lines the organization of letters, pleadings and medicals for easy access that is just a click away!..."

Kristi RoblesPartner and Managing Attorney

“Casefriend sets our firm apart by allowing better organization of claims and resulting filing handling. Our attorneys can use this tool to keep track of case progress and track their next steps to fluidly move the claim from beginning to end.”

Brent DaubFounding Partner & Attorney

“Casefriend helps us easily track our firm’s progress and successes to provide vital file handling statistics to our clients at the click of a button.”

Susan PolkManaging Attorney
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